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Board Manager Basics

RIchard Horton

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Hello. I'm trying to start using Board Manager in conjunction with an HSM BP. The board is set up and I'm wanting to do things like add a Change Request to the board as a card automatically when the ticket is created. I can see help articles that indicate that there are 4 functions under Automated Tasks in BP. I only see Hornbill Automation which has only one (different) . Is there some configuration I need to set or is the screen shot used an old one ? I get one function offered (for adding a Request to a Board) rather than the 4 in the wiki article, but even then I'm not sure what format I should be using to tell  it which board to add to. Is there a help article that talks you though setting this sort of thing up ? I may well be confusing two different things. 



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Hi Richard,

You should have 5 options available under the action node in the BPM which should be as below:

- Add Card to Board

- Remove Card from Board

- Get Card Information

- Move Card on Board

- Update Card

We currently are using just add and remove to board in our CAB process, and handle moving the change manually in the lanes. I am planning on automating the movement once our CAB process settles in with the staff,



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Hi @RIchard Horton

To add to that in the Hornbill automation screen under the process heading make sure the Application is set to Board Manager the scope is Entity and the Entity is Card, and then you should those options.  I think you may be looking at the old board automation under service manager.

More details on how to configure it can be found in this post


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I've got it to go through the Add Card to Board node successfully, but it doesn't add it to the board. Clearly my parameters aren't right ! Here's what I've got (trying Board Manager as the application didn't help). The Board was selected from option presented so I assume that is OK but I had to add the lane manually (we have a lane called New). Again, I expect I'm missing something basic. 

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