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Ability to log repeat calls?

lee mcdermott

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Not sure if this is the best topic area to request enhancements or changes?

Has there ever been any discussion or thoughts on the ability to log a repeat call?

Basically if we had a major incident for example where the detail is always the same but just a different customer it would be much easier to select the first call logged then repeat it with the option to just select a different customer rather than fill in all the fields you would normally when logging a call.


I know you can link a request but you are still prompted to fill in all fields.

Another example which is the prompt to raise this now is we need to log 200 calls for exactly the same thing but just different customers so the ability to log a repeat call would work well here, otherwise someone has to go through and raise 200 call and fill in the same details on every call.


Our old software used to allow this so we used to use major incident logging but have stopped due to not being able to quickly log a repeat call.

any thoughts on if this is a feature that could be added or if others are interested in this feature?




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@lee mcdermott have you considered the recent Copy Request feature, available from the eclipse (three dots)?


This will allow the creation of an additional request without the need to reenter the details

When you click on the button, you are just asked for the customer for the new copy


By default all the content from the original request is copied to the new one, with only the customer being different.

In the admin tool you can configure exactly what you want to be copied when using this feature


Hope that helps

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