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Accept as Solution - not working properly anymore?


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Good afternoon,

When using the Solutions functionality, you have the following options:

When use Accept Solution, it should mark the FAQ as the solution... and copy the contents to the Resolution box.  The latter works, but the former doesn't... 

When using in the past, I seem to remember it is supposed to mark the FAQ as green with a tick, but now the FAQ just stays in the list as if it hasn't been marked as the solution.

Here is an example of an FAQ that was Accepted as a solution... this is the contents of the resolution field (which looks weird without the images... and really no good to the customer)

If you look at the Solutions tab, you can see the only FAQ in that list... but showing up as if it hasn't been marked

You can see evidence of this here too when you click the Not the solution button:

Please can this be investigated?




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