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How do you add a video into a progressive capture

Jon Green

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We have recently created a number of video guides and would like to embed these into a progressive capture. I have reviewed the Wiki Markup guidance on the Hornbill Wiki pages but there is no reference to videos, and after various attempts at using suggestions via a Google search I have drawn a blank. 

Is it possible to embed Youtube videos on to a progressive capture, if so can you provide a sample of the code required.



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Hi Jon,

Thanks for your post.  The wiki markup that is available within Hornbill is described here. There are no options for including an embedded video within progressive capture using wiki markup.  However, we are looking at ways we can improved the provision of knowledge while raising a request.  Videos can be embedded into FAQs, and not too far away we will be providing additional knowledge articles.   We will be looking at better ways to display this knowledge to users.  So those videos will have a place, but we have a bit of work to do first.


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