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Activities Due Date/Time Query - hours and days


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I apologise for how basic a query this is.

While looking at our business processes I have noticed that with our non standard changes a due date is being added to the activities which is set to be completed in 48 hours.

If I were to change this to 2 days is that 2 working days? If it is two working days does that account for Bank Holidays?

I have tried looking in the Wiki and not put my finger on the answer to this one.

The concern we have is that changes may be submitted on a Friday and not seen until the Monday by which time 48 hours will have passed so defining working days would be preferable.

Many thanks

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If my knowledge (and memory) serves me right then the Service Manager workflow nodes work with working time calendars when dealing with timers. So I believe those 48 hours would be working hours, not calendar hours.

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