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Download Template File - >The specified resource was not found

Mark (ESC)

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@Mark (ESC) this forum post was posted in "About The Forums" section dedicated to discussion related strictly to community forums functionality. This is most likely why no one replied yet to what is actually a defect. I will move this post to the relevant section and advise development to look into it.


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@Mark (ESC) for the time being you can download the CSV template by amending the URL that points to the file. So, when you click on "Download Template..." button, in the address bar it will display an URL pointing to a CSV file.

For "Computer System" class the URL is something like:


change this to:


then hit Enter and it should download the template file.

There is an issue with the file name case which will be addressed by devs. The above applies to other templates you might need/want to download.

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@Victor I Navigate to "Upload new Assets" and select Asset Class "Computer System", then click on Download Template File

This errors out, so I correct the url with the extra / and correct the case spelling on the assetcomputer.csv to assetComputer.csv, then click enter.

After that I get the Invalid session text :(

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@Mark (ESC) right, I think it was me (my big fingers to be more precise) spelling the URL incorrectly, added an extra / by mistake. So when you correct the URL only change the letter case for assetcomputer.csv to assetComputer.csv.

I have corrected my above post as well and removed the extra /.

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