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Updates to tickets not going to customer via email

John C

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Hello All,

I have reported this issue to Hornbill several times in the past two months, however still no fix issued or applied.

When an analyst updates a ticket, our settings is that the customer receives an email stating the ticket has been updated however no such email is sent, therefore customer does not know of the update..

All of our settings are correct and checked 10 times over, perhaps someone can help?

See attachment below:

Thank you @dan @Victor



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Who is the customer on that test request? If yourself (your user) then there will be no notification (we don't do notifications to self). If customer on the request is a different user, can you have a look in the mailbox in "Sent Items" and see if the email is there but failed to be delivered? If none of these can you confirm your user has the relevant roles that give access to the mailbox that sends out the notification?

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