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Couple of report schedule questions

Paul Alexander

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First, is there somewhere that I can see ALL scheduled reports and when they're set to run? 

And second, when I go in to a report and make a change, I then save that change using the 'save' button which then greys out. If I then make ANOTHER change, I don't get the option to save again, so I have to refresh the screen, then make the change again, and THEN save, and then remember to refresh the screen again before making any more changes. Is there a reason for why I can't make and save more than one change without having to refresh please?




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Hi Paul,

Answer to first question is no. I dont even think there is a flag against report table to even indicate a schedule was setup for it. Unfortunately the coupling between "things" (entities) and scheduled jobs is very losely set in the job metadata i believe...i will have a discussion with server team to see what can be done. I think the immediate quick win is to at least have a flag in report table to indicate a report has a schedule defined in it. Could then filter report table to at least show just those with some scheduling info set.

2nd one just sounds like a defect. I will have a look.


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@Paul Alexander @Kevin Kennedy,

Ok so checking the code the save button will only enable if the report is setup correctly.

However I found an issue where if report has schedule and is set to email people then the validation check failed when validating the schedule delivery type and the save button would not enable.

Can you confirm if the reports you are experiencing this on have a schedule setup and the delivery type set to email?

So I have fixed this specific issue, relating to email delivery type validation not working as expected. If you can look out for it in next release (next week) and see if that resolves your save button issues.


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