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Request going changing color - enhancement


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We are using the functionality of when there are updates to requests they go blue (in our instance) but when you have read and caught up with everything we would like to unread the request and have the ability to turn the color on/off at the analyst choice if that makes sense.

So if someone goes through a request and catches up on everything and then decides I need to come back to this later we would like to be able to turn the color back on.

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Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for your post.  I personally use the Bookmarks feature for exactly this purpose.  If I read a request but I need to come back to it for one reason or another, I just bookmark it or if there is a bigger piece of work needed, I create a task. 

I think that manually changing the read by owner to an unread by owner could give the wrong impression to the other users, making them think that the owner hasn't seen their last update, when they have.    

You could even go as far as adding your own custom field for a Review Flag, and then a user could create a View to show all their tickets that they have flagged for review


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