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Basic user page displays correctly in IE not in Chrome


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I have set up the home page for basic users.  In Chrome it is missing half the widgets but displays as it should in IE.  I just can't see why.


ChromeIE 11








Also, is it possible to change a page visibility from basic to all users or vice versa?   I have realised I set a page as a basic view but would like it to be for users only.




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Hi @HGrigsby,

Many of the widgets that are available for normal users are not available for basic ones like tasks and newsfeed. That is because basic users don't have rights to see that functionality. What is weird is what you say that the same user can see some widgets in IE but not in Chrome. Is this the case? Are you testing this with the same user in the two browsers?

In regards to converting a page that was built for a group of users (like basic) and convert it to All users, is not possible. Unfortunately you will have to create a new page visibility for that.



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Hi @Daniel Dekel

Thanks for coming back to me.  

I really wish you could convert or copy a page from one group of user to another and from one service to another.  Our pages are quite similar for the various services and it would be easier if you could copy it and then tweak it to fit.  On the plus side, I have got a lot quicker at creating them!

I still have the same issue with the basic user view but I have created an All User view to use instead. 



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