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Is it possible to disable the Harry Hornbill icon which covers the portal login buttons?

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I have had a request to remove the Harry Hornbill icon from our login page

When going to log in he entirely obscures the Hornbill direct button:


We have changed our portal background to instructions that explain the need to close this box which is less than ideal.

Can it be removed? Made transparent? Moved so it no longer hides the button below?

A proportion of our user base needs to log in with Hornbill credentials and the team looking after them have asked that their login button not be obscured.

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Thank you for the swift reply

I do understand you can tick that box to stop it happening going forward, this is advice we regularly give our users.

The problem is new users cannot see the button they need to click at all with the prompt in the way.

The feedback we commonly get is that users with Hornbill logins are clicking on the Single Sign on button because that's the only button they can see.

This is why I ask if Harry can be repositioned, hidden or made transparent so people can see there is another button hidden underneath. 

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Just confirmed with the dev team (and yes I should have known this without having to ask lol), this change and others are on preview.hornbill.com/yourinstance.  Preview will be pushed to live on the 26th next week, so then you will see the change.  If you are currently using preview instead of live as most customers seems to be currently, then this change is already there...


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