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Service Portfolio - FAQ's not formatting correctly + image not being dispayed


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Good morning,

Couple of issues with FAQ's

  1. When adding borders against images in the FAQ's via Service Portfolio, they are displayed initially but then disappear after updating/saving the FAQ.  The borders do not show in the portals too. and when viewing the Image Properties, the Borders have been set back to 0 (despite setting them to 1).
    1. Adding a border
    2. Seeing the result
    3. I Saved/Updated the FAQ then go back into it to see the border has disappeared
    4. The border settings have been reset too

  2. I'm not sure how to debug this... but I wonder if this is due to the size of the image... but I have a large-ish image on the FAQ and it comes up blank in Service Portfolio, but the image is still visible in the Portals though.

    Service Portfolio:

    Service Portal:

Side Note:
Can we have border functionality added to images on the Community Forums?  It would really make it easier to see the above images if i had borders against them after posting the images on this post.

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I have just created another FAQ and the issue has appeared for two images - nothing to do with size


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Someone else has been having this issue with the FAQ formatting after going back in to edit. Please can someone have a look?

The images are still visible in the Portals and Service Desk, but are just not showing up in the FAQ box when it comes to editing.



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Hi @samwoo,

Although there is not a clean fix yet, I have a couple of workarounds that may help you.

For borders:

When you are editing your FAQ, "right click" on your image and select the "Image Properties" option. Please note this is different to the "Image" option that will appear when you "double click" the image.

Once in the "Image Properties" popup and the "Image Info" tab, you can set your border size as before, but this time it will be saved and will show up in the portals.

For broken images:

When you are editing your FAQ, "right click" on your broken image and select the "Image Properties" option. Please note this is different to the "Image" option that will appear when you "double click" the image.

Once in the "Image Properties" popup and the "Image Info" tab, you should see a URL value for your image like the following example.


If you move "&secure" to the end of the URL and click OK the image should appear fixed.

For the example above the new URL value would be:


I also found that simply clearing the cache on my browser fixed the images without changing the URL.

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We have the same issue in with FAQ images not displaying, but our URL do not look like the example and do not have the &secure& element in them.




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  • 1 month later...

We have changed the way FAQ images are displayed in an upcoming release of Service Manager that should resolve broken images. We recommend that images are added to FAQs using the image button in the editor and the "upload file" option.

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The ineffective "Image" dialog has been removed from the right click menu and has been replaced by the "Image Properties" dialog when double clicking an image. This will make it easier to avoid issues with image borders.

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@AndyG Just noticed today no images are working in our FAQs anywhere across our instance (Portals, Service Desk or when editing).  Examples below:


Service Desk




I'm not sure when these stopped working, but pretty certain they have been OK in the last couple of weeks.

When right clicking on the image icon within service desk or portal and selecting open the link in another tab, we get this...


Any ideas why this has just started for us.  Even if we create a new FAQ and add an image (using the image button), it doesn't work.  Tested on Chrome and Edge on a Windows PC and also via the mobile PWA, not working on anything.

Is anyone else affected by this?

Is it likely to be related to the new UI that has gone live today?

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Hi @AndyG

I'm finding a similar issue today with an FAQ.  I created it and went in to add some images that were missing - they were a .png.  Uploaded them, but then when going back to check the FAQ from the portal home page, the article doesn't appear at all. 

Have tried changing it to draft then back to published, but no joy.  Creating it again as a new FAQ it works, but when go to add in the images in .png or.jpg it just disappears and shows a completley blank page.  Other previously made FAQ's appear fine.  

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

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Hi @Emily Patrick

How exactly are you updating the images in the FAQ ?

All images for FAQs should be added via the image button and then the upload option. If you update the images again using this method they should display correctly in the portal.

If you try this and it's still not working, please could you share with me the HTML of your FAQ. You can access the HTML from within the FAQ editor in Service Portfolio by using the Source button.

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Hi @AndyG


I upload each image as needed using the image button, and selecting it from my machine, see below: 


I've done this on a couple now, where I've added or replaced an image and it then causes the FAQ to not become visible to people, even though it is published and visible to the relevant audiences.  


I'll give it another go, and will post an update shortly. I've a job already logged with Hornbill Support, so will send the HTML link to the FAQ's I've got problem with via e-mail to the job, so you can see it there too. 





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