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Report Date Filter not working.

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I've filtering a report to reduce the data return as we've hit the row limit of 10,000.


When I apply they filter it doesn't seem to work.


This is the filter.   I've tried various combinations of date format (e.g 01/01/2020,  2020/01/01) but it doesn't seem to work.



The date I'm getting back still contains requests logged in 2019




I've tried using between clause, a greater and less than clause, a like %2020% clause but none seem to be working.



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@Will J Douglas right, the operator precedence issue... https://stackoverflow.com/questions/1241142/sql-logic-operator-precedence-and-and-or

Your report is actually returning all results where team is "Maintenance". Because of how AND/OR precedence works.

First, the team criteria needs to be put in brackets (because of the OR):

team name LIKE 'maintenance team%' OR team name = 'Maintenance (Accomodation)' )

Second, the year for "date less than" is wrong, it needs to be 2021.

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