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Add Timer option when composing Workspace item


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Is it possible for Workspace posts have an 'in-post' time recording facility please?  Our users post fairly regularly and some are large announcements so they would find not having to record these posts' time elements as separate timesheet updates beneficial.
image.thumb.png.adb53cd7983ddcfccd842905c8467648.pngBelow is an artist impression of what we would like to achieve, so you click on the Timer button, as soon as you start to compose your post and then stop it, once finished.

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@sprasad thanks for your post.

It's possible to record time against workspaces or indeed individual workspace posts but it needs to be done using the Right Hand Menu. At this current time there are no plans to add a timer option to the workspace post box as you have shown in your image. 


Screen Shot 2021-05-04 at 09.28.13.png

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