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One of our team managed to change the colours of the request list this morning.  This wasn't only on his view but for all analysts.  I started getting calls complaining that the list was showing in green! 

He called to say he'd clicked the "request list settings" and changed it there, but when I try I get a permissions error.  This is surprising as I have more permissions than he does.   

Is this a new feature, it is something that we have wanted to do but a bit confused why he can see the options and I can't and a bit alarmed that when he changed it, it changed it for everyone.

Am I missing a permission or setting?




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Hi Helen,

Thanks for your post.  This is a planned feature for Service Desk Admins.  This menu item was mistakenly released a little early, and we will be looking to remove this until the feature is ready.  The rights to change settings in this UI should be governed by the same rights and roles as within the Admin Portal.  You may also want to double check this user's right to make sure that they don't have more rights than they should.  



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Guest Ehsan

Hi @HGrigsby,

As @James Ainsworth mentioned, the menu item was mistakenly released; it is shown to all users (you might need to logout/login to see it). Only users with the "Manage Application Settings" system Configuration right can update a setting value. For users without this right, the view may suggest that the change has taken effect but on a refresh, the original setting value will be shown. This right is granted to the roles below:

  • Service Desk Admin
  • Admin Role
  • Super User Role

In the next release, we will remove the menu-item. In the interim, I would suggest that you review the users who are assigned the roles above as these are management roles. Those who can successfully action on a setting will also be able to do so via the Admin Tool as the same model is applied.


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