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So we are having issues in searching for requests and also linking requests together.....has there been any issues with Hornbill? or is it just us......

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Hi @Jeremy

Our searching and linking is fine - but this happened to our instance a couple of times.

In all cases a re-index sorted this out.


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@Mary we can't link requests together by searching (at the moment we have a problem record that we cannot find in the search) or use the search at the top of Service Manager it doesn't find some requests.

These requests were logged several days/weeks ago but don't appear in the search:


But if you press Ctrl, Shift and F and enter the numbers the system finds and opens them straight away

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20 hours ago, Mary said:

@Jeremywe'll do this :)


@Mary did this happen last night as it appears that things are not much better this morning and when linking request we can't even generically search for Open Problems:


Searching via the to Global Search also yields No Results.

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