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Morning All

Hope you are all well and had a lovely evening.  Please would it be possible for some advice regarding Project Relationships?

1) I have two people who are NOT added to a project as a resource, however one of them can add service requests to the relationships tab and the other can not.  Why would this be please?

2) Is there a way that we would be able to give all of our staff access to add service requests to the relationships but not be added to a project?

3) Is there a way of linking the time spent on a service request to a project or would this need to be keyed twice please?  

Kind Regards


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@Ann thanks for your post.

1. In order to be able to access a project, you must either be a stakeholder in that project or have the Project Portfolio role which grants access to all projects. Relating a Service Request from Service Manager to a Project through the relationships tab in Project Manager takes into account the user's Service Manager access. I suspect one of your users has access to (possibly only certain) Service Requests where as the other has no access at all. 

2. Not currently, but one of the many things we are working on is the bi directional relationship between Service and Project Manager which will allow the association of Requests to Projects from the Service Manager side.

3. Not currently. Time is recorded separately against projects and requests however we are again currently working on a view where this information can be collated.


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