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Service Portfolio - Looking for real life feedback on how people have designed the Service Portfolio

Paul Taylor

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Calling all customers.....

Looking for anyone who is willing to have an call / session on how they have designed their service portfolio.

I will detail the issue I am trying to work through and anyone working within a similar environment who have successfully cracked the nut I would like to know how.


We are looking to mature our Service Portfolio. We currently have 50 live services.

We are looking to inject all assets into the Hornbill CMDB and associate assets to the relevant services

Utopia would then be the service availability status would automatically change if an Incident is logged against an asset or a change is logged against an asset and we would also be able to report against overall service availability and uptime.

The issue I am trying to work around is many of the services are made up of 'Production', 'DR', 'Pre prod', 'development' (we are blessed with 5 ERP systems across the whole organisation). As such, if a SAP DR server is offline for patching, that doesn't mean the SAP service availability is impacted.

I am therefore at a stage where I think I either need to review the structure of the Service Portfolio so all environments have their own service or I am simply missing a trick where a service can have a sub service or structure sat underneath it / some intelligent business processing.

While I am happy to receive any responses back to this thread in the absence of the Insights conference I am also happy to stick my head out of the bunker and actually speak to people who maybe have some real life relatable experience.....I think some people call that 'Networking'

Thanks in advance


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Hi @Paul Taylor are you using request categories or questions in the progressive capture to determine which environment the issue is related to? Looking at you requirement above, it seems as though you need a flag against an asset related request which, if set, would update the service availability. The service portfolio structure might be one way of doing this but it may be worth exploring other ways of making this distinction. 

How are you services set up currently? i.e. does each application have a separate service? Are they based on teams or subscriptions?

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