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Knowledge Centre Functionality in Agent Portal


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The service desk have been using the knowledge centre for a while with success

We have found today that when logging a ticket in the agent portal using the 'New Request Process' that the knowledge centre suggestions that appear when you enter a summary or description do not represent the service portfolio subscription settings for the customer


When using the knowledge centre in the Portal or in the agent portal under new incident or new request the correct catalogue items  options are shown

Can I check if this is by design or due to the process flow behind the 'new request approach'



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Hi Andy, 

Thanks for your post.  The suggested items from the Knowledge center use the different progressive capture forms for narrowing down the results.  If you have the details progressive capture form first, it is likely to return many results that simply match the text, and then the results should be further narrowed down once a service has been selected.  If the Service progressive capture form was first, it would filter these down from the start to just those related to the selected service.

You may also be getting some extra results for the agents if they support additional services to what the customer is subscribed to.

I'm not sure if that reflects what you are seeing or not.  We are also working on some addition changes to the Knowledge Center, where I'll review how the suggested knowledge is presented.  



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