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Automation not running.


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This morning our Automations appear to have hit some sort of issues as all BPM's that have automation are hitting the automation node and not progressing. They aren't reporting back an errors and I am unable to resume or restart the process. The SIS is showing up and running. 



Log doesn't have much to go on either. 

2.222846s INFO Execution Step: currentStage='stage-5c5af4ca-0f95-4184-4342-6415ee52b3dd', currentNode='flowcode-5fdc74d1', suspended='false'
2.222864s INFO Unsuspending process at node 'Automated Task' (id=flowcode-5fdc74d1)
2.413357s INFO Unsuspending process at node 'Automated Task' (id=flowcode-5fdc74d1)
2.413369s INFO Process Flow Transition from 'Automated Task' (id=flowcode-5fdc74d1, type=HornbillAutomatiomn) to 'Decision' (id=decision-013a215c, type=Decision)
2.680600s INFO Execution Step: currentStage='stage-5c5af4ca-0f95-4184-4342-6415ee52b3dd', currentNode='decision-013a215c', suspended='false'
2.681763s INFO Decision 'Decision' (id=decision-013a215c), evaluating 2 branch expressions
2.681770s INFO Expression matched: [true], forwarding to target node: siteIntegrationJob-bd06fa5a
2.681788s INFO Process Flow Transition from 'Decision' (id=decision-013a215c, type=Decision) to 'IT Automation' (id=siteIntegrationJob-bd06fa5a, type=ITAutomation)
2.749891s INFO Execution Step: currentStage='stage-5c5af4ca-0f95-4184-4342-6415ee52b3dd', currentNode='siteIntegrationJob-bd06fa5a', suspended='false'
2.776133s INFO Suspending process at node 'IT Automation' (id=siteIntegrationJob-bd06fa5a)
2.789186s INFO Workflow processing complete
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@Graham I was able to re-run the ITOM automation job from ITOM Job Queue but by BPM's that where waiting on it are still stuck at the 


obviously before re-running from the Job Queue i did try restarting the BPM but it was not to be. 

If this where to happen again in the future what is the best way to get that automation to kick in/move on without having to cancel the BPM?

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