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Populating custom field from email


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A tricky one I assume.

I have a progressive capture that contains a custom field "InstallationID" which is a single line text field.

I want to populate this by regexing the body of an incoming email looking for a specific pattern and then adding that to the "InstallationID" as a variable.

Is this in any way possible?

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I take that you are manually processing an incoming email that follows a progressive capture script?  Are you trying to prepopulate one of the progressive capture fields with information in the email?  The only variables that can be used are the outputs of progressive capture nodes.  The body of the email is added to the description.  One can then branch after the Details form based on content within the description, but I don't believe there is any way to capture that string and put it into another field.  

Do correct me if I'm misunderstanding your requirement. 


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@James Ainsworth

In this case I want to go even further and raise a ticket using routing rules and routing rule templates.

So I want to populate one of the fields in the progressive capture custom field with a regexed part of the email body.



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Sorry... I was mixing up how you were trying to raise the request, as you mentioned progressive capture which isn't used along with routing rules.

How about this...

  1. Let the request be raised as it is, where the email body populates the description section of there request.
  2. In the BPM make sure you have a Get Request Info to get the description into a variable.
  3. Use the BPM Hornbill Automation String Utilities to get the string that you want, using regex expressions and injecting the variable that contains the description text.
  4. Use the BPM Hornbill Automation Request Update to populate the field with the string.

For the string utility 

  1. From the Scope field select "Application"
  2. From the Type field select "Sting Utilities"
  3. From the Task field select "Regex Substring"
  4. Enter regex to to get the information you need.


After you have your string, you could even clear out the description field so it doesn't have the original email text, if you don't want it.

I'm not familiar enough with your set up or process to know if this will work, but worth a try.  Let me know how you get on.






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