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Good afternoon,

I would like to request some additional fields for Software Assets

- Support Start Date
- Support End Date
- Extended Support Start Date
- Extended Support End Date

We need to be able to specify the Asset Support type... the list should consist of:
- Unreleased
- Supported
- In Extended Support
- Out of Support

It would be good if the above options could be tied into the Support dates automatically. If a Supplier is attached to an asset, then maybe somehow there could be enhanced functionality, relating to Supplier Contracts updating these fields automatically.



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Hi @James Ainsworth,

We have it and I showed my colleagues it but they are not likely to use it as they manage suppliers in our main finance system.

We have started using Power BI for Hornbill so having this information against the assets will be better for us at the moment, as we could use it to highlight Applications going out of support etc.




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Good afternoon,

I would like to bump this back up again and request for these fields to be made available against Software Assets please.

We are starting to look at overhauling our reporting and to also start using Power BI, so being able to hold this information is vital to automating reporting of software going out of support etc.

I would like to request for extra fields:

  • Latest available Version
    If no Vendor + Product + Version is selected has been defined against the Asset, leave this as free text, otherwise display the latest version from the list Vendor + Product's Version list.
    • Add an additional field to the Software Vendor + Product + Version screen - add release date column next to Version, leave this optional.
    • Current Version Release Date will pull the release date of the currently selected Vendor + Product + Version. Left blank if nothing is defined.



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