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Where to translate top ribbon, side bar and email in Customer Portal?

Daniella R. Goral

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Good day,

Where may I find some of these translation strings? I went to the normal place and searched for "book" or "worker" for the filter, and everything is either translated or not found. 

Where are the translations for the side bar? Ex: Bookmarks, internal chat, Activity



Same ide for the Mailbox: image.png.fd48cbc79b3ae7d86d466557a0b2b9a4.png 






Ultimately: the top ribbonimage.png.f0c57871c51f2ca171916a10839cae5a.png










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Hi Daniella, 

Many of these areas belong to the Collaboration app.  I'll start with the Conversation Side Bar



In many case you can translate directly in the UI.  This is one of those.  From the Profile Menu, you can select Start Translation Mode.


Once enabled, any word that has an green dotted underline, can be translated by a right mouse click on the word.  This will present a box where the translation can be done.  It is worth doing a browser refresh after changing the translations, as you will find that the same translation can be used in different places.   For example, the corresponding tool tip for Conversations.


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On 3/31/2021 at 6:50 PM, James Ainsworth said:

The subtitle of the Email View can be translated directly in the UI using the Translation Mode from the Profile Menu.


This worked very well, thank you! Is there a way to allow us to change the mailbox names? 


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