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"My Requests" in Portal is not translating

Daniella R. Goral

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Good day! Dzien Dobry! Bonjour!

In our instance of the portal, our Polish Site would like to change the verbiage to "My Request" to "Moje zgłoszenia". I found the translation string, and have made the proper correction. Yodit came back very helpfully with guest.com.hornbill.servicemanager.portals.servicePortal.requestlist.filter.myRequests, however this does not show as an option in my translation strings. Is there another place I should be looking?

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Hi Daniella,

I found it.  This particular string is included within the Service Manager translations.  Different apps can publish widgets to the Employee portal, and in some cases you have to go to the translations for that app, rather than the Employee Portal translations. 

Following the bread crumbs in Admin at the top of the image below should get you there (Home > Applications > Service Manager > Translations). Then search on My Requests to filter the list down.  Let me know if you find it.




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