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Customer Timeline Update Template - URL embedded between Employee Portal and Company Portal


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We are struggling configuring email notifications that go to our users. We have users on the Employee Portal and we have users on our Customer Portal. Currently the email that goes out embeds the url or our instance an defaults to the Employee Portal. Our external customers who receive the notification email get the url to Employee so therefor cannot follow the link 

live.hornbill.com/oururl/catalog/com.hornbill.servicemanager/request/{{.H_pk_reference}} is what is in the template and we cannot change that ? Has anyome come across this or do we need to raise an enhancement request
Which for a customer wont translate 
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Hi Simon,

So, following the instructions mentioned above,  you'll end up with something that looks a little like this



This is what the form looks like when creating an ESP condition.


For internal user use: {{.h_customer_type}} = 0

For external contact use: {{.h_customer_type}} = 1 

Each line will only be displayed if the expression is true.  


Hope that helps.




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