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Email Display Name

Chris Bardell

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Hi All,

Not to sure if something has changed recently but when emails are being sent from Hornbill the display email address (when viewing the email in Outlook) is displaying what is populated in the ‘Display Name’ field in Hornbill.



Unfortunately to meet NHS guidelines the display name email must be in the format of; SURNAME, Firstname (TRUST).

This issue never used to happen, and emails used to display with the correct display name as seen in Exchange.

I can change the Display Name on Hornbill to meet guidelines however I was just wondering if something might have changed that suddenly stop this.

Kind Regards,


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Hi Chris,

Thanks for your post.

I'm not aware of any changes in this area.  The Display Name has always been used to provide a name to the shared mailbox.  A shared mailbox isn't intended for a single user, it will be a shared email such as support@yourcompany.com used by a team and therefore, there is no Surname or Firstname available when emails are sent from this mailbox. 

I hope that helps.



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