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Service portfolio chart causing error - and enhancement request

Alberto M

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Hi all.

The charts that now we can get in the service portfolio are nice and useful. However, two remarks about it:

1 - Error: this is intermittent, but it happens often to get an error while navigating and making changes in the charts (see image below).

2 - Enhancement suggestion: we use mainly the services demand chart and it would be really useful if the chart showed us real-time data, i.e.: including current month to understand backlog variation within the month.




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Hi Alberto,

Thanks for your feedback and I'm pleased that you find them useful.   I'll make sure that the development team are aware of the error message. 

We wanted to add a few charts that cover common KPIs to provide some basic insight into your services.   While we may add a few more charts in the future, or add a few more options to the existing charts, the intent isn't to provide full analytics.  Real time data is generally managed through the dashboards.  We will continue to look at the feedback that we get from these charts, and if customers find this type of view useful, then we will continue to develop it further. 



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