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Filter not working correctly?

Michael Sharp

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From that info it would appear to confirm that "Marking" a response is not that same as the request breaching - the h_withinresponse is marked as failed as soon as it's passed (so the indicator goes red) but the "Mark" action records the time the response was made etc.

I suspect that Boards would be a better mechanism for the view you're trying to achieve.

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@Steve Giller are you able to confirm if this is a behavioural change introduced with the modern SLA functionality?  We have only recently moved to this and our request filter used to work.  Don't really want to have to go down the route of boards if I'm not forced to really as the request list is where my coordinators "live".


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@Steve Giller I've had a go with boards which I can see merit in but confused as to how they're working.  I've set an escalation action to add to a board list if within an hour of breach.  Problem is when the first response has been cleared/marked, it remains on the board.  Bit confused by this?  Also I can't find a BPM action that allow me to remove requests from boards which I thought may help?  Also is it possible to have a request on more than one list e.g. SLA breach imminent, VIP requests (BPM driven)?


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@Michael SharpI've just reviewed this and can see the reason. 

To clarify, the h_withinresponse value (and h_withinfix value) are only set when the target is confirmed as being within or outside of the target time.  This has always been the case and continues to be so.

Regarding your question on this request, if I read the screenshot correctly, the target response time was 12:05, the target was missed and then at 12:06 the SLA was changed which altered the time to an hour ahead.  In this scenario because the target had been missed at the point at which the SLA was changed, we set the h_withinresponse to 0 hence why it will not be appearing in the results.  If the SLA change was made before the target time then the value would have remained as null.

Hope that clears it up,

Kind Regards,


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