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Calculations in BPM or PCF

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I have been doing some calculations and was wondering if anyone could assist me further please.  (The examples below are the custom fields used on the left and the results on the right)  The first two calculations are x two numbers then adding a % this works okay when the % is 1.20 but changing this to 1.00 nothing pulls through does anyone have any idea as to why this may be.  The other four are test entering the custom fields different ways.

I'm trying to achieve how to times two numbers or more together using custom fields also how to add numbers together.  Please see previous thread below where this topic was discussed. 

Thank you







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@Janett Dervish For as an example this is how we take an amount field 6 and times by the quantity and then times by 20% to get the VAT and round to two decimals places:

Total Line Cost (inc VAT) - £&[([functions.pcf("Order1","field_6")]*[functions.pcf("Order1","field_4")]*1.20).toFixed(2)]

So you can do the same but change the * for a + to add two amounts together.

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