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Email on Sub-Status


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I believe there is a Hornbill design flaw here. This is my thinking:

When I put a request on hold, I get a box that asks me to enter a Reason and that has a visibility setting where I can select Customer.


However, this DOES NOT send an email to the customer.

However, when I place an normal update on the request using the Comments feature, and I select Customer, Hornbill DOES send an email:


These two GUI features should invoke the same options for sending. My Business Case is that my Users want to receive emails for manifest updates (like going on hold) and my Service Desk do not want to have to enter an update in TWO places.

My workaround is that I am going to disable the Reason field on the On Hold sub-status which will then ensure the Service Desk use the Comments to update the customer. Unfortunately this is a little bit of a productivity hit since they have to update the request in TWO places when putting it on hold.

My request is that there be an option introduced to enable the email customer feature from the sub-status box (or it invokes the same send options as for Comments).



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