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Morning All

Hope you are safe and well.  I have an engineer who has created a project and created several tasks, however they are trying to create another task and it will not allow them to.  They are the project manager of the task and when trying to create a task they get the error message "Failed to Add the task.  Please contact your Hornbill Administrator".  I have had them tick all the boxes in the permissions for tasks which when they press the Add Task button they get the Hornbill circle stating Adding Task but then nothing happens even after 5 minutes.

I tried to add a task to their project and was able to but when trying to delete it I get an error that the progress is not completed, but when I move the progress to 100% and try to delete nothing happens and I get the red stop symbol on all fields.  Please would it be possible to help/advise as to why this is occurring?  Thank you.

Kind Regards


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