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Asset export showing UsedBy username instead of first name last name

Paul Alexander

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Hi Paul,

This will be a case where some people will want First Name and Last Name, and others may want ID, or some may want to use the Handle.  I'll look at possible options to allow this to be selected, but this wouldn't be something we can do quickly as we don't currently allow any formatting of the export of lists in either the assets or requests.  The exports from the lists tend to export what you see on the screen.  For now, you may want to look at the reports from within Admin to get a more customized export.  




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Thanks @James Ainsworth

I'm now trying to get a report to run with just the UserID for the UsedBy account, but I can't get any info out! I'm assuming I'm getting my joins all wrong, but what I have at the moment is this (as the 'Used By' field in the Assets table is the URN of the user, which isn't replicated in the sys_accounts table) :




But this doesn't bring back any user info:



I'm obviously doing something wrong, but some help would be great please! :D






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