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Site Form in Progressive Capture

Will J Douglas

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My existing progressive  capture doesn't request site selection - it just defaults to the users configured site but I'm trying to set up a new progressive capture and business process for users who are in cluster site roles.   

I have configured a custom role called Cluster Role and configured the new progressive capture as below:



This works so far.  If I configure a user with Cluster Role - it presents the Select Site form.

However,  this selected site seems to be overwritten by the site configured against the user account (or no site for the cluster role test account I am using) when the request is logged.

I looked into changing the business process to pull in the progressive capture answers but this is only show custom form answers and not the answer select on the site selection form.

I'm sure I'm missing something here, any advice?




Any advice on how to get this to work?  I'm sure I'm missing something somewhere.  



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Hi @Will J Douglas

In the meantime the site selected in the Progressive Capture will display correctly within the request if the request is logged via the analyst portal.

You could also set up a custom question within the PC using the same data as the site form, like this:


As @Mohamed says this will be fixed shortly too, the above options are also available in case the requirement is urgent.

Kind regards


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Hi Will,

I just wanted to let you know that I just finished testing the fix for your issue.  This is part of a release that is being aimed to go live next week, provided all goes well with the remainder of the testing.  

Keep an eye open for the release notes.



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