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Afternoon All

Hope you are safe and well.  Please would it be possible to help/advise.  We are trying to create a couple of SLA contracts to test going forward. However after filling in all the relevant information the ‘create’ button does not seem to be working for this. It lets us click it but then does nothing.

It also seemed to not like it when we use a point in the agreed compliance % target ie 99.8%. If I use a whole number like 99% then it accepts it and I am able to save it. I have attached the error message I get. We need to be able to include a point as majority of supplier targets will no doubt be 99. Something.  Thank you.

Kind Regards



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@Ann thanks for your post. 

Sounds like there are a couple of bugs here. The behaviour you're describing around the form not saving usually occurs when there is an issue with one of the fields on the form. I will ask our development team to investigate.


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