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BPM Suspend - Wait on specific email.


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Afternoon all, is there any way to suspend a BPM until a specific email is received. We have a 3rd party who sets up our customers mobile devices and I want to hold the calls until they confirm the device is configured and then I want the BPM to resume and auto close. 

The 3rd party don't have access to hornbill and won't be provided with access so that solution can't be dependant on that. 

I have tried this with the external authorisation but the limitations on the way the mail presents and from whom it comes limits its usefulness. 

All ideas welcome.

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I haven't tested this, but if the email is consistently formatted you could experiment with locking all available actions on a Request so Users effectively cannot update it, setting the Request to On Hold, setting a "Wait for Status Change" node, and finally having a Routing Rule for the incoming email that updates the Request, taking the Request Off Hold and triggering the required Status change.

There are probably a number of potential pitfalls here, first of all certain Roles allow "Locked" actions to be performed, and any one of the steps above might have a "gotcha" I've not considered yet.


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