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Dynamic HUD checkpoint titles?

Guest Paul Alexander

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Guest Paul Alexander

Just an idea...

But would it be possible to have Stage Checkpoints titles which could be dynamic, and which could be changed in the BPM? For instance, if we need to get a request approved, we currently have 2 options - Call Approved, and Call Rejected.



I think it would look nice if, while the Approval process is happening (which is triggered in the BPM), we could have just one of these Checkpoints saying something like 'Approval Pending' and then, once the approval is returned, we could change this (so remove 'Approval Pending' and replace it with 'Request Approved' or 'Request Rejected'). At the moment the whole HUD is shown for the lifetime of the request, and I think it's possibly more useful for the customer to see what IS happening with the request, and not necessarily what REMAINS to happen. Also, having the checkpoint list showing what possibly MIGHT have happened in the lifetime of the request (in this case 'Request Approved' OR 'Request Rejected') is a little messy.

I understand that other people won't necessarily use the same wording or update their requests in the same way as we do, but is the idea of 'dynamic Checkpoints' of interest to anyone else?


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We do something similar with some of our requests where we don't show the checkpoints to the customer but add a notice that can be displayed in the portal and these can be dynamic and reflect the changing statuses etc.

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