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Request update default visibility not being reset if you don't refresh the request page

Alberto M

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Today one of my colleagues reported me that, when you add an update to a request, the first time you do it after opening the request page, the default visibility set in the Service Manager settings is correct (we have it set to "Team only") but, if you add an update with "Customer" visibility and then you want to add a new update without refreshing the request page, that new update visibility is not reset to the default ("Team only"), but stays set to "Customer" visibility.
This can cause undesired situations of a customer to have access to updates we don't want, if the analyst doesn't realize it.

I believe this is not the way the app would work, as the mindset of our analysts is set to the default visibility "Team only", and a "Customer" visibility is a deliberate action from the analyst when providing an update to the request.

is this something that can be changed?




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Hi Alberto,

This is one of those tough scenarios where there is a difference of opinion on the behaviour.  At the moment, the default visibility is only meant as the starting point for when you open a request.  This is why refreshing the page returns to the default, as it behaves like you are opening the request.  While I am more aligned with you, others suggest that they want these to persist for the duration of an agent looking at the ticket.  For example an agent has multiple customer facing updates that they want to apply, and the default is set to team, they want to set the visibility to customer, and not have it change back to Team for each update.  I'll try to think of a solution that helps both camps.  

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