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Restricting user access to service domain pages


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Hi, I have a requirement to prevent user groups from accessing certain service domain pages. We have 2 sites with specific requirements that would be best handled with entirely separate pages but I can't find a way to restrict access to the page itself. 

We have separate branding for each site based on the users Home Organisation and I can restrict access to services to prevent users creating tickets in the wrong place, but this doesn't prevent them navigating to the page and is likely to confuse them. It would also be useful to be able to create a test domain page so pilot groups can trial new services/workflows for us without this being visible to all users. 

Is this something I've missed, or is there anything in the backlog to provide this functionality? 



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Hi @Luke

In the admin console > Service Catalog

Against each Service Domain, you can mark it as Public or not. 


If it is public then all users on the employee portal will see the domain page in the navigation bar.

If the Domain is Not Public then only the users who are subscribed to Services which are tied to that Domain will see the domain page link in the navigation bar.

So if these two sites have services which are specific to them, then if those services are tied to a domain,  and those users from those sites subscirbed to those services and the domain is marked as not public, then only the users you want to see those domain pages will see them.

Hope that helps


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