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Afternoon All

Hope you are safe and well.  Please would it be possible to advise on the below queries we currently have with the supplier module?

  1. How a supplier event is triggered is not ideal, as you have to put the call on hold (therefore our SLA stops). We use sub-status for a number of reasons (customer chase, escalation etc).

  2. You cannot pause the event, so if the supplier needs feedback but hasn’t completed the event you have to stop it and start a new one which will give incorrect compliance data.

  3. Can we also be able to add multiple supplier events to a request?

The first two points are quite critical to us fully using the event option within Supplier management.  Thank you.

Kind Regards


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@Ann thanks for your post.

This functionality is still relatively new and we have many more things planned for the integration, including different points/triggers for starting and stopping these events. We did consider the idea of being able to pause an event when first developing the functionality but ultimately it led to multiple scenarios that we didn't feel we should cater for. As an example, we have something in the pipeline that will give an overall metric of time spent with a supplier for each request, regardless of the number of events that occur. We feel this is better than getting into the situation where you want a timer to start/pause/stop on condition a but not on condition b etc. It's one of the advantages of our platform that we are able to roll out enhancements, fixes and changes with a relatively high level of regularity as we operate on a continuous deployment basis.

There will be much more to come on the integration between Supplier and Service Manager over the coming weeks and months.


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