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Assign From Request List

Day Riley

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Hi Day, you can do this using the multi select function on the request list - if you select a number of Incidents, or Service Requests you should see the multi function tool appear, then you can use this to assign multiple jobs or single jobs from here so wasn't sure if this would help you achieve the above:


Select as above then you see the multi function box appear as above:

Clicking on the multi tool launches below, then you need to select the Person icon to assign


Many thanks

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@Cassie this is strange - I can only replicate this if the tickets in the list are not assigned to a team or owner, if they are the options should appear.

In order to get this looked into further (and to ensure i am not missing something obvious), i would suggest getting this logged with support, so they can assist directly - https://www.hornbill.com/support


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12 hours ago, Cassie said:

I only have the ability to assign the request, not of the other options such as cancel, resolve show. Is there a setting to be changed anywhere to make these visible?

Cancel will only show if you have the rights to cancel on all of the Requests you have multi-selected.

Resolve and Escalate do not appear if any Request in the multi-select are On Hold.

As far as I'm aware, Update will always be available.

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