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Call Reopen - Automatic clousure issue


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In my business process when a call is resolved it goes back to the service desk team for a period where it is either automatically closed by the timer or manually closed by the analyst. We had a case this week, where a call was resolved, then reopened (before it was closed). The reopened call followed the process and went back to the team but because it was marked as resolved it automatically closed after the set time in the process, so the person working on the call lost visibility of the ticket from their view.

Can anyone suggest a better way so that if a call is reopened it stops closing automatically and must be resolved, or passed back to the service desk a second time and closed manually?

business process review and close.png

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@chriscorcoran I'm not clear from the screenshot what you're trying to achieve, but as far as I can see you:

  • Get the request information
  • Move to a Human Task.
  • When the Human Task completes you test for expiry, and the Call Status, which is the sticking point - you have not refreshed the values for Call Status.

If my guess as to what you are trying to achieve is correct, I think you should be using a Suspend -> Wait for Status Change node, then branching on that node expiring, with the other two branches comparing its newStatus value.


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