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Auto-log request from email


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Hi Alisha,

While it has been discussed in the past, we don't believe we have an option to directly look up a user ID from an email address.  I'll ask to see if there has been any movement on this.  However, as a workaround it might be possible to do this if any part of the email address matches either the user ID. 

Following your Get Email Details, you could then use this utility to extract the part of the To email address that matches the IDs.


Then use the Hornbill 

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We discovered that the reason the UserId was not successfully picked up from the incoming email was because there were email aliases in play, and the address that was presented to Hornbill had already been altered by the Exchange Server from the alias to the primary address.
This meant that the alias - which would have matched - was never made available to Hornbill and could not be converted into a UserId

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