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Kathy D

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This is going to be a morning of questions I'm afraid, but I've split them into topics.

To test my BP I have created a new catalogue item, and new BP and PC to go with it. To check the BP works, I have to create a ticket. This goes into our normal queue. Is there a way to set up a test area, so the tickets do not enter our queue? I am cancelling the tickets but because I am new to Hornbill I am having the test the BP as I go to, so quite a few extra tickets. 


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Requests are only visible to Users who support that Service - similarly they can only be raised by Users/Customers who subscribe to that Service.

From the description it appears you have just added a new CI to an existing Service, so all Users who support it will see those Test Requests.

If you create a whole new Service (e.g. "Testing") and only set your testing team to Support it, only those who need to test will see it in their queues.


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We have a Hornbill Test Service that only myself and a handful of nominated Users have access to so we have the easy separation of test v live calls, much like as described by Steve above.

One thing to bear in mind which i always forget to do, is to change the team a request is assigned to in the test BPM, otherwise it may have issues when raising the test call. Or you can always raise it and manually transfer to your test team queue if easier.

Many thanks


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