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Clean utility - delete all requests logged using a specific Catalog Item?

Guest Paul Alexander

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Guest Paul Alexander


Would it be possible to update the Clean Utility to be able to remove any requests logged using a specific Catalog Item? 

We've just finished creating a testing a rather large CI which has taken a lot of testing and has a lot of 'test' requests logged against it. It's almost ready to go 'live'  and we were wondering if we could delete all of the test requests, but I can't see a way in the Clean Utility to do this. 

The CI is one of many under a specific service, so the option to clean based on the service name isn't really helpful....

Any ideas please?


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Hi @Paul Alexander,

This would require a small change in Service Manager to be able to add this feature to the cleaner tool - I'll add it to the list, but if you're after a quick fix you could always export a list of references for the requests you wish to delete, and add them to the RequestReferences array in the cleaner config. With this set and CleanRequests set to true, running the tool will delete just those requests (and related records). 


Hope this helps,


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