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Customer Feedback Report - Questions

Mark (ESC)

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Would like to create a report that lists feedback; currently can easily produce a report that shows ratings out of five.

The following fields are self explanatory; 

Requests->Feedback Status ID
Requests->Feedback Status

What I am still looking for is the Customer Feedback questions fields, as we ask three voluntary questions when feedback is requested.



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Hi Mark,

Strangely enough I have this exact same requirement coming up here for our instance, as we are about to add questions to our feedback, so I would be interested to see how the feedback questions can be output for review as well.

I would presume these questions are writing to a data field somewhere, and I can see a table named Service Feedback Questions in the report builder on the admin back end, and I would presume this would be where these questions would be retrieved from. We have not set our questions up as yet for me to try this on as yet,

Many thanks



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