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Field Settings for Date & Time Control - add option to validate against another datetime field

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Can we raise an enhancement request for the Progressive Capture 'Field Settings' for the Date & Time Control to add an additional optional validation to allow it to be checked/compared to another datetime field, i.e. the current field is greater than an other field.

We are trying to ensure user when entering two datetime fields for the start and end of the change request, the end if later than the start.





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As I was writing the above, I had the idea based from another conditional date setting, that could delay the time they could chose by a period of time, by setting it as an override.  

For example, we have a 2 or 5 day lead time on certain types of changes, before they can be implemented from the time they are raised.  We are able to delay the first day they can select by using an override, as in the below image: 



I'm looking at setting a delay in the date range on an end date field settings to be 5.04 (0.04 is a 1/24th i.e. 1 hour in decimal form) so that the earliest end date they can select is an hour after the start date.  


I'm just not sure what I would need to put in the 'If The Following Is True' section to get it validate/work.  

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