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Multiple Sections that are the same in PCF


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I have a process that I have been tasked with getting in to Service Manager, this is a Risk Assessment. Normally it would be straight forward, but there are sections that need repeating if the customer chooses but the only way that we can think is to allow the customer to complete the section then have a question 'Would you like to add more Risks/Mitigations?' with a Yes/No answer and if they click yes show or get them to complete another section, but we think this would get complicated very quickly.

This would normally be fine if there are a few repetitions but this form can have approx 30+ risks and additional details. How are other companies/institutions working with forms like this, or has no one decided to be as crazy as us?

The image shows the word form that people can obviously add new lines to and keep adding Risks, Hazards etc:


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