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Improvements after the last Update (Tasks, Gantt Chart etc.)


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Hello @AlexTumber 

I played a bit with the new features in Project Manager and mybe this are usefull things for you. 

1. Add Tasks with more details but without assigned user shows the status assigned


2. Gantt View

Shows not needed month because there are no tasks or milestones and project start is already later.




3. Gantt View Snapshots not include summary tasks


Thanks and best regards



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@Nikolaj thanks for your post and your feedback. 

Regarding your points:

1. This is a bug that is currently being addressed. It shows as assigned because the task has an owner (The owner field is pre populated on a new task). If you remove it, the task will not be assigned and will go to a status of In Planning.

2. The minimum period that is shown in this view is of 3 months, and it works in quarters. That's why you see details for January and February even though your project doesn't start until March. I'll feed your comments back to our development team.

3. This is functionality that we will hopefully add very soon. 


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@AlexTumber thanks for your feedback on this points. 

for 2. and 3. i have no comments i will just wait. but for 

1. I removed me as owner when i creat the task, but it still assigned and he but's automatically me as owner. i can see it in the activities list.

best regards



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