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Portal showing 'Resolve by' date rather than the 'on hold until' date

Guest Paul Alexander

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Guest Paul Alexander


Just noticed that, in the portal, when a request is put 'on hold', it's showing the 'on hold until' date as 'resolve by':

So Service Manager shows this when the request is put on hold:



And the Portal shows this (which is wrong - it should either show 'On Hold Until' with the on hold date OR 'Resolve by' with the resolve by date ):




But when the request is taken Off Hold, SM shows this:



Which shows in the Portal as this (which is right):





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Guest Paul Alexander

Actually, just noticed that the two dates are reading completely different dates!!

Picture 1 (above) shows 13-08 and picture 2 shows 20-08!  So one of those dates is reading incorrectly...... :)



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