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Outbound API calls

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@Ieuan Payne IPO


to trigger an outbound API call to trigger a CI/CD pipeline in Azure DevOps

This should be a simple case of using the iBridge, assuming you want to trigger the CI/CD pipeline from a BPM at a specific point in that process.  You also have the option of triggering this sort of thing from an AutoTask/Custom Button, and if you are using ITOM, also from Runbooks... so yes there are lots of options.

There is ready made integrations in iBridge so all you really need to do is point and click a few things and you will be good to go



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Hi @Ieuan Payne IPO,

As Gerry has mentioned, we already provide a few DevOps integrations via the iBridge, based around Releases and Work Items, but we could certainly add more. What are the specific DevOps features you are wanting to automate, is it just to run an existing pipeline or are there other requirements?



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